Provide Valuable insights into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices shhaping the Helicopter led by industry experts.

Business Matching

Provides an oppotunity for aviation industry professionals to network and market themselves to land on business deals.

Seemulacra Photo Experience

Experience an alternate reality and take photos to create memorable and interactive experience.

Product Presentation

Giving a chance for aviation industry to presents their product advancements in technologies in the field of helicopters and drones.

Digital Oasis

A place where attendees and aviation enthusiasts can experience the thrill of flying through the skies with stunning 3D experiences through VR.

Drone Soccer

Futuristic team sport where players control drones to score goals with one drone soccer ball inside an enclosed tent.

Sky Explorer

Exploration area for kids that offers aviation-related games that make learning about flight and aviation enjoyable.

Heli & Drone Exhibition

Platform for aviation companies to showcase their product allowing the attendees to see the latest products and technologies up close.

Taste Trail

Dining space with food stalls that offers a range of dishes, from street food to gourmet cuisine.